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Greetings, friends and newcomers alike! I'm thrilled to introduce myself as Jennifer, a licensed Real Estate agent, and seasoned interior designer with a passion for excellence in sales, construction, and project management. Over the years, my unwavering commitment to this industry has led me to establish my company, Legacy Group. Now, I have the incredible opportunity to merge these specialties, providing my clients with a reliable and comprehensive source for all their real estate needs.



The synchronicity of expert design and construction together creates a

seamless process and finished product for our clients. 

Interior Design Objects

Interior Design

We bring creativity, functionality, and style together to create spaces that inspire. From concept development to final touches, we tailor our designs to reflect your unique vision, delivering stunning interiors that are as beautiful as they are functional.

Home Construction

Construction Management

We take pride in our ability to turn visions into reality. From small-scale renovations to large-scale construction projects, we ensure seamless execution and exceptional quality with skilled craftsmanship. 


At the Legacy Group, we embody the concept of "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts." With expert sales service, rewarding design experience, and exceptional construction and project management, we offer a comprehensive real estate solution. We proudly collaborate with BWB Contractors, known for their unparalleled quality and craftsmanship. Experience the synergy of our services and let us exceed your expectations at every stage of the journey.

Your ability to translate ideas into visual and accurate designs is a skill and it's evident that your contributions have elevated the quality of our projects. The attention to detail, your knack for understanding our vision and commitment to seeing and delivering excellence is what sets you above the design noise. It's not just designs but also the collaborative spirit and positive attitude you bring to the table that make working with you an absolute pleasure. Your willingness to listen, adapt and to shift gears on the fly has been instrumental in turning concepts into reality.

- Ray & Gayle

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